Stretch your anus

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Anal stretching is not a fast kink. Plus it's incredibly hot to be, for example, running to the store for a gallon of milk, all the while knowing you have something in your ass. Your body likely has a lot of lubricant and air in it, so expect some gassiness and a possible bowel movement when you're done. Like most things about the body, the body has a "set point" where it will gradually attempt to normalize itself. Go with the large-sized condoms if you need to! This is actually a pretty good idea for anybody interested in getting maximum enjoyment from being buggered. Mistress Kay August 31,

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It's like a mini reward for themselves — and a physical reminder of their progress.

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How to train your anus

This means that if you take a break from your stretching, your body's ability to stretch will gradually decrease. Like any type of sexual penetration, it really helps if the body is relaxed. If you need any erotic content, get that set up too. Start off small, with things like slimmer plugs, anal beads, and fingers. If the thought of accidentally touching shit really freaks you out you can always try using enemas as preparation.

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stretch your anus
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stretch your anus
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