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Burns replies by saying that he hasn't heard his father's name in years. Sideshow Mel realizes that if Smithers saw that episode he could not have been at the town hall to shoot Burns, and reports his thoughts. Charles Montgomery Burns a. While burying a dead gerbil, Groundskeeper Willie strikes oil on Springfield Elementary. I'll see to it that Burns suffers the infernal machinations of hell's grim tyrant!

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Take that, Nuclear Power Plan— Oh, fiddlesticks.

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Burns the third worst boss, calling him "heartless, greedy and exceptionally ugly, Mr. Oh, you all talk big, but who here has the guts to stop me? He employed his wealth to make an ultimately unsuccessful run for governoronly to be denied his chance to be Governor by Marge Simpson. Smithers also suspects himself, because he has a gun that was recently been fired. Burns is, for the most part, unaware of the townspeople's general dislike of him.

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mr burns fingers gif
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mr burns fingers gif
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