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Beast boy then grabbed a bottle of shampoo of the rack and poured some into his hand. Finally Beast boy pulled away. Then she looked around. You can't get scared, can you? She felt herself tighten, inner walls clamping down around Beast Boy's finger, and she let out a scream of pure pleasure, her fingers vise-like grip in Beast Boy's hair tightening further until she was released; flung headfirst into a world of pure bliss.

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Raven looked up at him and immediately realized this was a mistake.

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Raven could see this and grabbed beast boy's boxers. Beast boy's smile became even wider at thinking this. His head was positioned directly over Raven's pussy, his breath caressing her lips ever so softly, teasing her senses. Yeah… give it to me, ah… fuck, fuck FUCK! He then pulled his shirt off and was preparing the shower when suddenly two hands were placed.

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