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But one very important life activity seems to be missing from these discussions: Science Can't Find It ]. But, what gets overlooked is how healthily you could start your day without ever getting out of bed! Pleasure Begets Pleasure We live in a world where we are inundated with "shoulds" and even worse, most of our "shoulds" are grounded in self-hate. Well orgasms improve memory and brain activity too! Cortisol is your stress hormone and high levels of cortisol causes belly bloatalong with a buffet of other terrible health problems.

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For instance, Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues first reported the phenomenon insaying that about 5 percent of women they had interviewed mentioned orgasm linked to physical exercise.

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19 Mind-Blowing Orgasm Facts You Probably Never Knew

Want a flatter belly? Imagine someone told you that if you followed one specific morning routine you'd be successful? There IS Time Whether it is on your own or with your partner, when you start the day with an orgasm or twoyou start the day in a knowingness that there IS time for joy. And, it sets you up to sidestep the head-spinning drama in the first place. Thus, when you can have your needs met in a pleasuring way, why push yourself into the realm of shoulds? However, the timing is usually different for men and women.

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