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And there, gangs that many experts say are the most nationalistic in the city reach even into middle-class homes. And closer to home, his gruesome death also illuminated the obscure cultural frictions stoking an increasingly violent grudge match between Cambodian and Filipino gangs on Chicago's North Side--a sporadic war that has flared everywhere from the polyglot halls of Senn High School to the gleaming corridors of a suburban shopping mall. Pacific News Service; While most of these arrests were for property crimes, probation officers note that most Southeast Asian youth in the system are involved with drugs, primarily marijuana. Divino himself was a regular to Iwahig Prison, and whenever he would reside there, he held a top position among inmates, as their "mayor". The next afternoon, Dominador Torres, who had brought David to the United States from their home near Manila ingave doctors permission to remove his son's battered body from life support systems.

We do whatever we want [ Mien male, age 16 ].


Bidirectional influence from adolescence to adulthood. But the scenario Songkharm recounted for police strongly suggests he and his family were the latest victims in an emerging crime problem. Many keep lush herb and vegetable gardens in tiny backyards or clusters of pots on apartment balconies; some men take weekend trips to hunt or fish. A sudden drive-by, or a visit from my grandfather. Correlates of drug use and abuse among Indochinese refugees: You see a flower that grows in the concrete at a corner with a street light.

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