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She once earned second place in a handgun shooting contest. Miranda was the most popular love interest among Mass Effect players who enjoyed engaging in virtual romance. The butt-blessed Brit is so popular that if you go to any convention, you're almost sure to see cosplayers sporting her signature leg-revealing thong leotard. Viper are the only playable female characters in Street Fighter that originate from the United States. Check Out Cid's Banana. Juri is easily one of the sexiest women in Street Fighter. Lollipop Chainsaw Random Fact:

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Surprisingly, Laura's fighting style is not capoeira based, but rather Jiu-Jitsu, which is a popular sport in Brazil and the world.

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Luckily, most women in video games these days are just as developed as their male counterparts, so with this list we will celebrate the most aesthetically pleasing heroines the gaming world has to offer. Even if you're not familiar with the series itself, everyone knows this sexy succubi from the Darkstalkers games. Fitness model Natascha Encinosa, who also possess the long dark hair and powerful thighs, had the internet comparing her to the famous SF fighter, calling her "the real Chun Li. Now, some of these chicks may be models and others may be hardcore gamers, but all of them are hot. Anybody else starting to get a bit of a creepy vibe from this guy? This was widely publicized before it came out, leading to some minor outrage among the usual types, but it was also a cynical chance for the developers and publishers to grab some potential customers who could be swayed by some titillation. Parasite Eve Random Fact:

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