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I've searched for anthropological studies confirming it, but haven't found anything, although neither have I found anything contradicting it. Of course, if the egg has been fertilised, the lining will need to stay. We are taught to 'embrace' menstruation, celebrate it as being a healthy and integral part of being a woman and we support companies making millions from the sales of pads and tampons to mop up the copious bleeding. Why is that many, if not most, women in developed countries do appear to shed a lot of gunge along with the blood, but the most natural-living women don't appear to? If you are having your periods only a few times a year, this may be because of stress, intense exercise, weight loss, or diet. This carries the implication that the researchers recognize that there could actually be a small amount of bleeding, but it's so small that they weren't able to detect it.

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If you skip many periods, you should talk to your healthcare provider and see why this is happening.

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Period Myths: What Are The Strangest Period Myths You've Ever Heard?

Surely it isn't meant to be like this, I thought. It may be several months after the baby is born before her periods begin again, though she may be able to get pregnant again even before menstruation returns. After all, a teeny amount of bleeding at least is reassuring to our conditioned minds that ovulation has occurred, and it's good to know that it is occurring if we wish to become pregnant at some time. If you are on a diet high in raw plant foods, you are likely to be in the best health you've experienced for a long time. Natural Hygienist Herbert Shelton: When we become pregnant, we stop ovulating.

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old black women on their period
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old black women on their period
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