Euro to Dollar Conversion Rate (€ to $ Convertor)

If you are looking for Euros to Dollars Conversion (1 Euro into Dollar) then you are on the right webpage, as here we have provided you the tool through which you can calculate any amount in Euro to Dollar as well as vice versa (Dollar to Euro) Euro and the US dollar are the very important currency pair by traded volume in all over the world.  It is now a days that much established,  that it is easy to forget that some time before around twenty years ago this pair was not in existence.

Euros (€)

Euro comes in the existence on 1 , January 1999. In the 1999 the currency of euro come sin existence virtually but by 2002 notes and coins began to circulate.  Euro rapidly took the position of former currency and expanded in all over the European Union.  The non – physical form of Euro was introduced on 1 January 1999 , at midnight when the currencies of countries were participating in the ceased to exist independently in their exchange rates which were locked at fixed rates against the each other. The Euro after some times becomes the successor of European currency unit.

Euro Currency,

The value of Europe starts from USD 1.1686 on December 1998. The design for the new notes and coins for making a change were announced in between the 1996 – 1998. In starting the new coins and notes were only valid on the French island of reunion.  The old currency were got changed from banks,  as the banks accept the old currency and in return will provide new currency to the citizens,  the process is almost same in all over Europe except in Germany.  Nations were allowed to hold the old currency cycle with them for only two months for the circulation.  Slovenia was the first country who accepted the new euros after the launch of coins and new notes.  Cyprus got it’s currency Cypriot pound robbed changed with Euro and the Euro came in existence in the Cyprus also. In the beginning of 2007 , the eurozone faces the first crisis due ti the global financial crisis , but despite of the recession after facing a lot of ups and downs Estonia keeper accessed to the eurozone and Iceland puts the eurozone in the application to EU for joining the eurozone.

So , after a lot of fears by speculators in 2009 , the problem or straw of that such a big recession breaks up the eurozone but by the passage of year the strength of Euro again gets progressed. Despite of the speculations that occurs in Greece after the crisis , many of the new states also joined the eurozone or the currency for their states too. On July,  2014 the Lithuania becomes the last state which got the permission fir joining the euro in their state.

On January,  1999 the eurozone was started with only 11 member states,  the first progress of eurozone takes place from Greece in 2001. All of the new member of EU who joins the eurozone get the permission after signing of the Maastricht treaty , which were obliged to adopt the euro for their states.


Dollar ($)

Dollar is the name which is running for the almost 20 currencies including the United States , Canada , Australia , Taiwan , HongKong , Singapore , Belize , New Zealand , Liberia , Jamaica , Namibia. Currently US dollar is the official currency of East Timor , Ecuador , EI Salvador , Federated states of Micronesia , Marshall Islands , Palau the Carribean Netherlands , in US territories like Puerto Rico , American Samoa and the United States virgin Islands , Panama. As the rupee is divided into 100 paise similarly one dollar is also divided into 100 cents.

Dollar Currency


The sign of dollar was first attested in the business Correspondence as the abbreviation,  referring as Spanish dollar.  At the time of the American Revolution the Spanish dollar gains it’s significance as they backed the paper money which is authorized by the individual colonies and continental Congress.  By the time, ,  various acts got passed which affects the amount and type of the metal used in US coins,  due to this till now there is no legal definition for dollar which could be found on the US statue.

In the 1873 ,  the silver dollar got circulated to the many parts of the world and different countries with the value of British gold sovereign of around one dollar is equal to the 21p approx.  Due to the result of this decision of circulation the German empire stops the minting silver dollar coins and the price of silver in worldwide began to which results in the US coinage act which makes the United States as gold standard.  As the Canada and Newfoundland were already gold standard due to which the value of dollar gets increased very rapidly in the North America.  By the period of 1900 the value of the solver dollar falls by 50 percent to the gold dollars.

Euro into Dollar Currency Convertor  

The official currency of United States is US dollar or USD and it is also the de facto currency for the international trades and the reserve currency for some of the world. The currency of European countries is Euro,  there are around 22 countries which are having their currencies as Euro including the 17 countries of European Union.  Now,  this basic comparison focuses at the history and evolution,  central banking amount of money at the time of circulating and the exchange rare between these two currencies.

So,  as we know that Euro was introduces in the markets of finance on January 1 ,  1999. But the coins and bites of euros come into existence in 1 , January 2002 after the Maastricht treaty.  Many of the member states of EY were ready to adopt the Euro after meeting to the monetary and the budgetary requirements.  The Sweden rejected the Euro fir accepting it as its currency and the UK and Denmark negotiated the exemptions.  All of the members who were new and got attached in 1993 were taken a pledge for adoption the Euro in them.

After the financial crisis in US the fear get rise over a sovereign debt crisis at the time of eurozone with Greece,  Ireland and portugal at a level of risk.  The United States Congress of US has been provided with the power of ” to coin Money ” by the US Constitution. In the 1792 ,  the first dollar coin was issued by the United States where you can get the coins of similar size in composition to the Spanish dollar and the Mexican dollar which remains legal until 1857 ,  as did by the various English colonies.

The European Central government manages and administered by the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.  That was printed,  minted and distributed to the all state members by the Euro system which is a network of Central banks of the countries which are the members. The Federal Reserve manager the US Dollar that is USD.

As we are aware that the Euro is the official currency of Eurozone which rises in Europe made by the 17 our of 27ember States of the European Union.  Euro was sole currency of all these member countries and was being used by the more than 326 million peoples. It is also the main currency of Montenegro and Kosovo ,  with the various small States like Andorra ,  Monaco ,  San Marino ,  the Vatican City and the oversea territories of EU states were also involved like Mayotte ,  saint Pierre and Miquelon and the Akrotiri and Dhekelia.  The US dollar is the main and official currency of the United States and the overseas territories.  US dollar is also being used as the main currency of papua ,  micronesia and the Marshall Islands and is also being used in Panama ,  Ecuador ,  east Timor ,  the British Virgin Islands ,  Caicos island and Turks ,  Saba ,  Bonaire ,  Sint Eustatius.

In all over the world Euro is the second largest reserve currency and the second most traded currency.  By the September 2012 ,  there were more than the € 915 billion in the circulation which makes in the currency with highest combination of banknotes and the coins for the circulation in all over the world.  The government of US keeps up around or more than 800 dollars with them for in cast for the circulation.  Dollar is also the largest and most trade currency in all over the world.  The supply of money was totally different from the amount of hard cash which was kept for the circulation.

Correlation between Euro and US dollar

There is a very high correlation between the Euro and dollar.  The outlook for the long term US interest rates shows that investors can be more sensitive than usual to the longer term big factors and this also Pella ar the end of year to the downside potential.  At different times the different driver run an exchange rate.

In most of the cases the main driver always remains the politics like after the French presidential election when the Euro or US dollar raises high on the basis that the Euro has been saves after the Marco’s victory.  On the other hand difference between the interest rates can also be the primary member or driver as the fund of investor now tends to flow from the low interest rates to the very very interest rare atmosphere in which you can easily and Relaxably sit and can earn the very high return.

Robin Winkler an analyst based on the German banks London unit argues that they all were trying ti asses where the US interest rates are going to use the financial market jargon and for the very long term.  The terminal rate is basically a level in which a central bank decides up to stop the raising interest rates to be more higher as usually shown in the field of the long term bonds like ten year treasuries.

As we all know that the investors looks for the long term pictures because of the current very high correlation between the Euro and USD with the US treasury bond of 10 years.  The Euro and US  dollar shows up a very good correlation to the US Treasuries as compared with the German bunds.

Currency pair (Euro Vs Dollars) 

A currency pair is the relative value of currency unit against the another currency which is residing in the foreign exchange market and the currency which is used for the currency pair is known as the counter currency,  quote currency or normally a currency and that currency which is used for the relation is known as the base currency or the transaction currency.  The ISO currency codes write the currency pairing of the base currency and the counter currency by separating them with each other by a slash character.

There is a currency pair which is traded widely in the world is euro against the US dollar which is donated as EUR/USD. Those pairs of currency which do not involves the USD is known as the cross pairs like GBP/JPY and the pairs which involves the euro with them are known as euro crosses.  The pairs of currency which were traded more in the world are known as majors which constitutes the largest share of the market of foreign exchange due to which they secure the high market liquidity.

Some of the majors are –

EURO / USD , USD / JPY ,  GBP / USD , AUD / USD ,  USD / CHF , NZD / USD and USD / CAD.

Euro to Dollar Chart  (10 Year Chart)


Currency Pair Euros to Dollars 

Let us take a brief look on the history of euro to dollar.  The euro comes into the Forex market in late 90’s everything was very different as compared to today.  In the previous time the German Deutsch mark with the US dollar was a very big pair and the French Franc versus US dollar was also in existence. As we all know that the euro comes in the market on 1 January,1999. The journey of the euro was started the decades ago. On earlier time there were two versions of euro in the form of internal accounting with the European community members. These two versions of euro are :

1 .  The European unit of account

2 .  The European currency unit ( ECU )

These were not the true currencies at that time. Instead of it they were the baskets of the EC currencies which were designed simply to make the stability in the European exchange rates. So that , they helped a lot in paving the way for a single currency. In recent time , the EC Currencies ECU basket had the different composition with respect of those which comprises the euro. Apart from this difference in the composition the ECU plays a very important role in the history of the exchange rate of the euro.  This is just because that the value of one euro was set same as the the value of one ECU which makes the exchange of original euro dollar rate as 1.1686 , Euro becomes the physical currency in 2002.

Euro to Dollar Exchange Rate

The launch of the euro at the starting tied up the ratio of currencies of eurozone together so that the French Franc , German Deutsch mark , Spanish Pesava , Italian lira etc also gets separated , instead of it they were pegged effectively to the value of euro till that they completely got a folded in to currency of sharing which we knows today. At the time of this eurozone when all of these changes were taking place US dollar still makes its position or crown safe by some margins.

Ebb a very short term and the flow of the euro to dollar exchange can highly be influenced by the huge number of factors. There were various fundamentals which drives the long term performance of the currency . There are some factors which highly affects the currency matter no matters that which FX pair you are looking.  The factors are –

1 .  The strength of the underlying economy of country.

2 .  The monetary policy which is implemented by the pertinent central bank.

As the time passes on the speculation starts to arrive in focus more and more by the increase of time. Due to this the expectations on the central bank policies were also having major impacts. The euro to US dollar exchange rate occurs after a very big reduction in the history of euro versus US dollar. The financial crisis after this exchange arises in the 2007. This event placed a lot of stress on the economies of all over the world which were forced to give the sequence of central banks responses, but the response given by the central banks was not uniform. It was announced that there is a great diversity in the policies between the US federal Reserve and the European Central Bank. Now , the question arises what are the differences?

The US economy moves to stimulated with three branches of quantitative easing by the Fed , by this the ECB secures the QE for a long period of time. Behind of fed after the several years it finally began purchasing the sovereign bonds in the market. The fed basically was having two mandates which were –

1 .  To foster the maximum employment

2 .  To stabilize the prices

So the main objective of ECB was to maintain the price stability.  Due to these policies there comes some interesting effects on the rate of euro dollar exchange. Euro was facing the eurozone sovereign deb crisis which was also a very major issue , some state members of eurozone was having the crippling amount of the national debt. A thorny problem was posted by the uniform nature of monetary policy and all these problems raise a question in the mind of everyone that will the single currency survive or not.

When the communication with fed got increased it becomes the upshot for the financial crisis , the central bank is explicit about the power of decision making. The data of GDP releases every quarter or frequently with regular intervals of time with a very big delay in the payroll data. Non – farm payrolls were used by the fed as a proxy for the economy of health. The inflationary pressure rises due to the strong economy and a tight labor market. This stables the price which is an implication of the Fed dual mandate. The tight policy simply refers to the great return on dollar deposits which increases or attracts the importance of Allah also. So , a tight police bullish the dollar and all other factors which were affected by the exchange rate comes in sequence.


Closure of Euro to Dollar Conversion


So in this article we come to know a lot about the major currencies like US dollar and euro. We learn the history of euro and us dollar how they come in existence and when, we get knowledge about the crisis that were taken place when these currencies comes in existence in the market and how they becomes universally accepted. As we wanted to get a lot of knowledge so in this respect we told you about the currency pair what it is and why is it done , we told about some of the major currencies which were paired with US dollar and euro for the trade in  foreign exchange market.  We comes to know about the differences between the euro and dollar we learns about the euro dollar currency pair and the main objectives of the federal government. So , we tried to give you all of the importance and necessary information about the US dollar and the euro at this single place but still if you have any query and question then you are free to ask it from us we will be happy in answering your queries. Hope you will like this article.